Reiki Healing and Shamanism

Reiki and Shamanism

Reiki healing is quite Shamanic in nature….just as the Shaman becomes the “hollow reed” for spirit to work through, so does the Reiki practitioner drop the ego or self to become a clear channel for Universal energy to flow through for healing, balancing and supporting the client.
I have recently started working with Shamanic Reiki drumming in some of my treatments and find the mixture of these two practices to be a really powerful combo for shifting blocked and stagnant energy and toxic mindsets. A session begins with a relaxing Reiki introduction, followed by a period of channelled Shamanic Drum and finished off with more Reiki to help integrate all the energy shifts in a gentle way.
If you feel this might be something you would like to try, just get in touch or visit my website

Karen is a Usui Reiki Master in Leicester

Karen performing a Shamanic Reiki Drum Healing session

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