Are You Healthy?

What is a healthy person?

Most people only consider the body when addressing this question and would say that being free from physical complaints, aches and pains or illness is what they are looking for. This is great and wonderful if you can achieve this state! However, we can be prone to forget that we are not just a “body”, but we are a thinking, feeling system and it goes without saying that our mental and spiritual health has a huge impact on our physical well being, as well as vice versa.

Unresolved mental stresses and strains, depression, anxiety, mental exhaustion are the epidemic of the modern age and we are really only just beginning to realize that treating the human being as a holistic entity I.e. a Body, Mind and Spirit is the real key to developing and maintaining a healthy person. We are quick to visit the doctor when our body pains us but what do we do when our mind and spirit are suffering too? We tend to ignore what can’t be seen and bottle up our emotions, letting stress build up and just coping with what living throws at us until things get so bad that we have to go back to the physician again and have to resort to medication.

As a long term sufferer from anxiety and depression, I know this scenario all too well and spent many years on anti depressants to just get by and try to live “normally”. I only broke this cycle of unhappiness by focusing on the root cause of my misery and addressing my system as a whole.
I began to realize that a healthy mind was just as important as giving up smoking and losing weight and turned to Reiki and other holistic therapies to provide me relief from stress, sleepless nights and general unhappiness. I loved the effect these treatments had on my well-being so much that I decided I wanted to learn how to help others who were suffering in the same way as me.

I first learned Usui Reiki and have since then gone on to learn Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing and Seated Acupressure Massage to help me give a wide range of choices for different people.

Holistic therapies are not a replacement for a doctors skill and wisdom and of course they should always be consulted if you have a serious health concern….but we are selling ourselves short if we do not do all we can in a preventative manner BEFORE we start feeling the effects of our stressful lives.

If you agree just get in touch to see what treatment schedule you think would be of benefit to you and I promise you a personal approach to becoming a more healthy person.

Lots of Love
Karen x

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