Reiki Healing Treatment



1 hour approx – £45

3 session package – £115

5 session package – £165

Energy healing treatment that manipulates your body’s energy on a mind, body and soul level. Can help stress levels, aids sleep, relaxation and recovery.

A Reiki Healing session involves the channelling of Universal (Rei) life force energy (Ki) for the purpose of healing. We are surrounded by and made up of this energy, as is everything in existence….even thoughts and emotions! You will be asked to recline on a couch and be covered in a cosy blanket while I hover my hands around your body and allow the “Ki” to flow to where it is needed. I am often drawn to focus on chakras which are our body’s energy centres but the whole process is very intuitive and I work wherever I am drawn to. You may feel sensations such as floating, sinking, heat or cold, tingling, colours or lights….everyone has a different experience and no two treatments are ever the same. Even if you feel absolutely nothing, the Reiki is working regardless. A lovely relaxing way to destress and help the body to heal itself.


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