Extra Large Singing Bowl


Beautiful Extra Large Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

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Very Large Sized Singing Bowl Set
Large singing bowl with free ring cushion and large suede coated stick (these may vary in colour and design)
A quality Nepalese Handmade singing bowl weighing 2520g and measuring 30.5cm in diameter. It is an handpicked for its quality and sound. Lovely sustain and deep sound.
It has a base note A when stuck with the suede ringer or played round the rim with a G note when played around the rim. A wonderful healing and energy tool. Fantastic addition to your home or Healing room, the sound just goes on and on!

In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for meditation, trance induction and prayer.
The use of singing bowls in Tibet is the subject of much debate and many stories. Some people say they were used for meditation while others say they were magical tools for transformation of self and of matter.
Singing bowls are a type of bell, rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, the singing bowls sit with the bottom surface resting. The sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound.
A classical, hand hammered singing bowl, with its own unique sounds.
Composed of 8 (noble) metals: Copper, Tin, Nickel, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Silver.
The percentages of the 8 metals, the diameter and the thicknesses of the various types of singing bowls provide the specific sound and overtone of each singing bowl. Each bowl is therefore unique.
Handmade singing bowl made of copper, tin and 8 noble metals (Ag, Ni, Cd, Ru, Pd, Pt, Cr, Mn).
Detailed product description
Beaten or hand hammered singing bowls are made entirely by hand. Each singing bowl is carefully hammered by hand, which requires several steps. Initially, the various compositions of raw metals for the preparation(copper, tin, nickel, zinc, iron, lead, silver and mercury), are melted int he furnace, according to the manufacturing requirements of either bronze, eight metals singing bowls and so forth. The hot melted metal is removed from the furnace and poured into different sized gully cups and cube shapes. Then, the metal moulds are rolled out into circular metals sheets of the required size and thickness. The sheets are then hammered according to precise measurement specifications and categorized according to weight and size. For the hammering process, 4 to 5 metal sheets are stacked and then heated at very high temperature. The red hot metal sheets are hammered by a group of skilled craftsmen until the heat in the metal cools. This process is repeated several times to form the desired size and shape of each singing bowl. (This is the reason for the fluctuations in the size and hand hammered singing bowls). Only if the meal glows red, can it be hammered. Actually, once cool, it loses its flexibility, becoming more fragile, and therefore risking the formation of cracks when struck. When the desired shape is achieved, the individual process of finely tuning and shaping each singing bowl begins. Finally, the individual singing bowls are engraved and the inner and outer surfaces smoothed flawlessly.


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